Raid vs Hot Shot (Which Is The Best)

When it comes to killing your household pest, Hot Shot and Raid both are popular choices. I used both of them for some time for different purposes. 

So, what would you choose when comparing Raid vs Hot Shot?

Well, both Hot Shot and Raid kill your household bugs and insects on contact and only for indoor use. While Hot Shot can treat spaces up to 2000 cu-ft, Raid can treat up to 5000 cu-ft of space.

Raid is perfect for smaller spaces such as cupboards and storage. But for Hot Shot, you’ll need to keep the airflow when applying it to smaller than 5’X5’ spaces. Furthermore, Raid is more expensive than Hot Shot. 

Now, here I will explain all the essential features of both bug killers for you to choose from.  

Hot Shot VS Raid: Quick Overview

Now, let’s have a look at the essential features of both Hot Shot and Raid insect and bug killer. You can see which agrees with your household pest situation:

Features Hot Shot Raid
Effectiveness Kills on contact including hidden bugs.

Protection up to 12 weeks.

Kills on contact.

Protection up to 8 weeks.

Ingredients Both natural and synthetic compounds.

Tetramethrin 0.05%

Cypermethrin 0.75%

Cypermethrin 1.176%
Odor & Residue Available in various scents such as lemon, and also odorless.

Non-staining formula and doesn’t leave a wet residue. 

Available in various scents such as fresh floral scent, and also odorless.

Don’t leave a wet residue. 

Target Pest Pyrethroid-resistant bugs, roaches, ants, lice, ticks, and other pests.  Pyrethroid-resistant bugs, ants (except fire ants), lice, ticks, bed bugs, roaches, ticks, lice. 
Treated Space & Usability 2000 cu-ft (up to 15.5’X16’X8’ room space)

Indoor usage.

Perfect for bigger and enclosed spaces, not smaller than 5’X5’ room space. 

5000 cu-ft (up to 25’X25’X8’ room space)

Indoor usage.

Ideal for smaller and large areas. 

Reachability Penetrates deep into the cracks and crevices.  Does not penetrate so deeply into cracks and crevices.
Price Range $4-$30 $6-$121

So, now that we’re done with the brief look at the essential features, let’s dive into the details. 

Feature 1: Effectiveness

While Hot Shot gives protection for up to 12 weeks, Raid offers protection for up to 8 weeks. Both Hot Shot and Raid kill pests on contact. 

Hot Shot Fogger is known for its pest-killing ability by killing even hidden bugs and eggs. On the other hand, the Raid Fogger is also effective in killing bugs and insects on contact. But it is not useful when it comes to eliminating bug eggs. 

Verdict: So, Hot Shot wins the contest between Hot Shot vs Raid for its durability and pest-killing ability.   

Feature 2: Ingredients

Hot Shot has active ingredients such as 0.05% Tetrametthrin and 0.157% Cypermethrin while Raid contains 1.176% of cypermethrin.

Hot Shot contains both natural and synthetic ingredients to kill insects and bugs while Raid contains only synthetic ingredients. Only the Raid Plant-Based Wasp & Mosquito uses natural ingredients. So, Hot Shot is eco-friendly. 

Also, both have pyrethroid insecticides to kill roaches and other insects. 

Verdict: Hot Shot again wins the race between Hot Shot vs Raid for its eco-friendly ingredients. 

Feature 3: Odor & Residue

Both Hot Shot and Raid come in many scents such as lemon and fresh floral scent. Also, both offer odorless formulas too. 

Additionally, while Hot Shot offers a non-stain formula with no wet or messy residue, Raid does not wet or leave a messy residue. So, Raid bug spray might stain your furniture.    

Verdict: Again it’s Hot Shot for its non-stain formula in the comparison between Hot Shot vs Raid.

Feature 4: Target Pest

While Both Hot Shot and Raid kill pyrethroid-resistant bugs, Hot Shot can kill more pests than Raid. 

For example, Raid bug spray is designed to kill only the bed bugs, not their eggs though. But Hot Shot can kill most of your household bugs and insects. 

Verdict: Hot Shot wins it between Hot Shot vs Raid for it can kill a wider range of household insect types.  

Feature 5: Treated Space & Usability

Hot Shot can treat a space up to 2000 cu-ft with 15.5’X16’X8’ dimensions. On the other hand, Raid offers treatment up to 5000 cu-ft of space with 25’X25’X8’ dimensions. 

Both Hot Shot and Raid are used for indoor infestation. But while Hot Shot can be used for large and small enclosed spaces, Raid is more effective in smaller spaces.

Also, if you use Hot Shot in a smaller than 5’X5’ space, keep the air flowing. 

Verdict: It’s a tie between Hot Shot vs Raid in terms of the distance they can cover.   

Feature 6: Reachability 

While Hot Shot can penetrate deep into the cracks and crevices, Raid cannot penetrate that deeper to kill bugs. 

Hot Shot kills bugs that you don’t even see while Raid is not so effective against hidden bugs. Hot Shot’s Dry-Fog kills all the hidden bugs in your walls and baseboards.
Verdict: Hot Shot wins again between Hot Shot vs Raid for better reachability. 

Feature 7: Price Range

The price range of Hot Shot varies from $4 to $30 while Raid’s price ranges from $6 to $121. 

Final Verdict: Hot Shot vs Raid, Which One to Choose?

So, till now we discussed all of the essential features of both Hot Shot and Raid insect killer. Both are top-notch products. But as per the above discussion, Hot Shot won almost all of the feature contests. 

There’s a good reason why as it gives you longer protection against bugs and insects. Also, Hot Shot is cost-effective and can be applied in all of your household places. 

In the end, it’s up to you to choose the one according to your pest situation.

How to Use RAID:

  • Identify the Target Pest: Determine the type of pests you want to control, such as ants, roaches, spiders, or mosquitoes.
  • Choose the Right Product: RAID offers a range of formulations, including sprays, baits, foggers, and more. Select the product that is specifically designed to target the pests you want to eliminate.
  • Read the Label: Carefully read and follow the instructions on the product label. This includes information on application methods, safety precautions, and recommended usage areas.
  • Indoor Application: For indoor use, spray RAID along baseboards, cracks, and crevices where pests may enter or hide. Apply baits in areas frequented by pests.
  • Outdoor Application: For outdoor use, apply RAID around the perimeter of your home or other areas where pests are active. Follow label instructions for specific outdoor application guidelines.
  • Safety Precautions: Take necessary safety precautions, such as wearing protective clothing, keeping children and pets away during application, and avoiding contact with the product.
  • Residual Protection: Some RAID products provide residual protection, meaning they continue to work for a period after application. Reapply as needed based on the product’s instructions.

How to Use Hot Shot:

  • Identify the Target Pest: Determine which pests you need to address, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, or roaches.
  • Select the Product: Hot Shot offers various formulations like aerosols, sprays, foggers, and traps. Choose the product that is designed for the specific pests you want to eliminate.
  • Read the Instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions provided on the product’s label. This includes application methods, safety precautions, and usage guidelines.
  • Indoor Application: Apply Hot Shot products indoors in areas where pests are present or may hide. Use aerosols and sprays directly on the pests, or set up traps in high-traffic pest areas.
  • Safety Measures: Always prioritize safety. Keep the product away from children and pets during application. Use protective gear as instructed on the label.
  • Immediate Effects: Hot Shot products are designed for quick-action insect control, offering immediate effects against targeted pests.
  • Reapplication: Hot Shot products may provide short-term effects, so you may need to reapply as needed based on the severity of the pest infestation.


Do I Have to Wash Everything After A Bug Bomb? 

Yes, you have to wash everything after a bug bomb. Clean the surfaces with soapy water and also clean even the non-exposed surfaces like closed cabinets. This is to make sure there is no residue. 

What Should You Cover When Using A Fogger?

You need to cover any surfaces when using a fogger such as furniture to protect them from the harm of the fogger’s harsh chemical. You can use tarps, sheets, or other types of coverings to protect the surfaces. 

Do I Need to Unplug My Refrigerator Before Bug Bomb?

Yes, you need to unplug your refrigerator before using a bug bomb to ensure there are no electrical accidents. If you don’t unplug the refrigerator or any electrical equipment, you might end up losing them when applying a bug bomb. 


So, now that you’re aware of the features of Hot Shot vs Raid, choose the product that you need. 

Make sure to read the instructions before using the products as it will lead to ineffective results. Also, wear protective gloves and goggles before using them. Keep the air flowing in closed and smaller spaces.

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